Types of assistance



The Home is organizationally divided into 4 units, through which we provide a dignified assistance and care for our users.

Jasminka Latin, Social worker - Manager

Jasminka Latin, Social worker

Social service and occupational therapy unit

This unit is where it all begins. Here, you can get all the necessary information concerning accommodation and the procedure of implementing the accommodation. A social worker carries out individual and group work with users, and takes care of all the necessary documentation.

The meaning of occupational therapy for users lies in the fact that we try to think of a better way to design their lives in the Home, which is achieved by introducing numerous interest groups: music therapy, creative workshops, literary groups, games, puzzles, snoezelen therapy, film library, prayer groups, etc. Also, various performances by culture clubs, schools, choirs, etc., and travels to picnics and pilgrimages are organized for the users throughout the whole year.


Jasna Možanić, bacc.med.techn. -  Infirmary Manager

Jasna Možanić, bacc.med.techn.
Infirmary Manager

General and health care unit (infirmary)

Users who are dependent on assistance and care because they are not able to meet their own daily needs are placed into the infirmary. The user profile includes immobile and semi-mobile users, as well as users suffering from dementia. A physiotherapist, nurses, and practice nurses provide care for those users.

Health care is provided in cooperation with general practitioner dr. Zdenko Obelić, while specialist examinations (physician, internist, orthopedist, etc.) are performed at the Varaždin General Hospital, or elsewhere, by the user’s choice and requirements. The facility provides both health and general care (bathing, shaving, haircuts, assistance with dressing, nail cutting,  therapies, bandaging, etc.) Also, if it is necessary, an advisory psychiatrist visits the institution.


Ljubica Hojsak - Head cuisine

Ljubica Hojsak
Head cuisine

Food preparation and distribution unit (kitchen)

In order to provide our customers with safe nutrition, we use excellent hygienic and manufacturing practices in our kitchen, as a foundation of the established HACCP system, which ensures food safety in the institution. Three meals are prepared every day, with two snacks, and diet food in cases where it is medically indicated.

Biserka Svetec - Secretary - Manager

Biserka Svetec
Secretary – Manager

Economic and technical service

Includes accounting, reception, technical tasks such as repairs to defects in the inventory of the Home, maintenance of the cleanliness and appearance of the interior and exterior surroundings. The laundry room has an indispensable role in the institution as well, because it is here that the washing and ironing of bedding and personal clothing of the users is performed.